Ghost Stories

The Vengeance of a Tree

Several men were gathered near the bar discussing the tidings that Walter Stedman, a laborer on Albert Kelsey’s ranch, had assaulted and murdered his employer’s daughter.

The Murdered Seaman

The ghost of a murdered seaman begins roaming the decks of the Annie Smith.

The Severed Head

A shopkeeper gets an unpleasant shock when a physician drops his black bag.

The Ghost that Followed Me Home

I have a fascination with genealogy, which is what started all the trouble with the ghost...

The Hairy Ghost

A gruesome tale of a traveler who was strangled in bed by a phantom.

The Ghost of Blacktail Canyon

There is a story the Colorado River guides sometimes tell about a haunted canyon where the spirits don't like intruders after dark.

The Figure in the Window

It was a funny time of night to be checking out old houses. I was pretty sure Alec was more interested in chasing ghosts than in real estate!

In the Haunted Lane

Every night, hoof-beats are heard coming down the graveled driveway. A milk-white steed appears, bearing two ghostly riders.

The Neighbor’s Garage

I heard the neighbor's car running in the garage as I got into my car to drive to the grocery store. That seemed a bit odd, since it was summertime. Why would they need to warm it up?

Haunted Sachs Bridge

I don’t know what exactly draws me back to Sachs Bridge each time I visit Gettysburg. I just know that I feel compelled to drive there and take pictures.


As a special treat, we decided to take the sunset cruise around lower Manhattan the Sunday before Labor Day. It was a silly thing to do – totally tourist – but sometimes playing tourist is fun, even for someone living and working daily in the shadow of the Big Apple.

The Ghost of Pearl White

When I was a kid, my grandparent’s bought a huge old boarding house in Jersey City. It had once housed the actresses working for a big silent film studio across the street, but the film studio was long gone, and the boarding house was unused.

The Devil on Washington Rock

At first she didn't realize it was a dream. The party was crowded, the guests cheerful. Then a rumor began to circulate. The Devil was coming to the party...


S.E. Schlosser
S.E. Schlosser is the author of the Spooky Series by Globe Pequot Press. She has been telling stories since she was a child, when games of "let's pretend" quickly built themselves into full-length tales acted out with friends. A graduate of both Houghton College and the Institute of Children's Literature, Sandy received her MLS from Rutgers University while working as a full-time music teacher and a freelance author.